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Candi Milo began her career as a singer working for Disney in two shows created especially for her. She then settled in Los Angeles and worked as a stand-up comic and singer for Princess Cruise Lines, becoming one of their youngest-ever nightclub performers. Stints as a stand-up led her to open for Joan Rivers and Howie Mandel as well as appear on several television shows like Comedy Express, Evening at the Improv, and a sketch-comedy show that was the creation of the late Brandon Tartikoff.  

Candi moved into television in Reaching for the Stars, a Real World-type TV movie-of-the-week where the ending included an appearance on the Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. She then went on to be recurring characters on such hit shows as Gimme a Break, Perfect Strangers, Knot’s Landing, Days of Our Lives and Empty Nest. Many other shows followed as did feature films such as; Bad Medicine, Almost An Angel, Dead Women In Lingerie (A Venice Film Festival Grand Prix Winner) and I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore.

But it was doing the feature film, Paramount’s Cool World, with Brad Pitt and Kim Basinger, that Candi really discovered her passion – animation voice-over. She voiced twelve characters in that film, as well as threw lines to the actors on the set, helping to create the glances and reactions the actors used in the film. From there it was Steven Speilberg’s Tiny Toon Adventures and Hanna Barbera’s stable of actors. To date she has created over 200 characters for cartoons.

In animation, she has had the honor of working with many great actors including the late Mel Blanc, the late Vincent Price and the brilliant Brock Peters  Candi played Nick Dean, one of the stars of the Academy Award Nominated Film, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. She also stared as Dexter, in Cartoon Network’s hit show Dexter’s Laboratory. She played all four lead characters in Warner Brother’s new show, Mucha Lucha! and plays Ms. Diaz in Disney’s new show, Stanley. Candi hopes that Cartoon Network will pick up a great pilot called Private Eye Princess in which she plays the bumbling, inept, yet strangely lovable princess.

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